Friday, July 30, 2010

Flapper Chic

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From the beauty of Bakelite accessories and bobbed hair, to hip flasks and speakeasies, there is something so wild about the idea of a flapper girl. In old photographs and illustrations, flappers always appeared to be effortlessly at ease and elegant. Underneath that cool exterior was something truly racy indeed. These were the first woman to flaunt far more than just their ankles in public. They questioned the idea of what was to be expected of a lady... and had a hell of a time doing it too. If you are longing for a bit of art deco chic may we suggest some of the beauties above. Simply click on the images or a number for a link to the items. Have a great weekend everyone and don't forget to tip your bootlegger!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Start Your Engines

Gasp! If I was not sitting down when I first saw this collection of retro car emblems I may have fainted from shear joy. Why do they not make car emblems this cool anymore? I must have been born in the wrong decade. This sleek set is from TypArchive- my new favorite stop for a dose of eye candy. If you love retro type as much as me it is definitely worth a visit!

Monday, July 26, 2010

TILT - Lemonade

A swell assortment of lemonade greatness and we are proud to be a part of it as little ol' image number six. Thanks to Andrea McClain for putting this together on Flickr!

Curve and Sway

There is something special about vintage pottery. I am a sucker for it I must admit. The simple flow of one curve as it effortlessly turns into another is so charming. It is rather amazing to think how so many mass-produced pieces of pottery from last century still hold our attention. They can be found anywhere, from the smallest flea market, to those well curated antique shops where every price gets an extra $0 added to the end. These pieces were meant to be used and thankfully so many were produced that they are still loved today.
For a link to the items above please click on the images.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Love

When it comes to jewelry I either go for classic and simple or the surprisingly unusual. These would certainly fall into the second category. This weeks Monday Love picks are sure to get noticed while perched on your hand. For links to all of these wonderful rings please click on the images above.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


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There is something special about a sport where it is the norm to drink while wearing funny shoes and an embroidered shirt that declares you are part of the "Paladins" or "Kentucky Kingpins." With all of the delightful kitsch it is easy to have a soft spot for bowling. Who cares if you can't bowl a perfect game or let your toes slip over the line every once in a while? Grab another beer at the lounge and we can play another round!
For a link to all of these items please click on the images or a number above.

Friday, July 2, 2010

A little red, white and blue...

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Since this our last post before the fourth of July we have decided to celebrate the holiday with some classic enamel brooches from the 60's... all in red, white, and blue of coarse. I can't believe how many variations of these were made. The selection above doesn't even scratch the surface of what we found when searching for enamel brooches. For those of you in the United States, we hope you get to enjoy some fireworks and great BBQ... or whatever it is you do to celebrate. Just remember to keep a bucket of water handy and don't try to teach the dog to fetch bottle rockets.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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