Thursday, September 17, 2009

gardening is sexy

Who ever said that gardening is only for old ladies with their stockings rolled to the calf and a polka dot moo moo? Or even that gardening is a one season event? I declare, gardening can be sexy... or at least wildly romantic. No, I am not talking about (cue the '70s dirty movie theme music) a roll in the hay or doing anything lowbrow with your fruits or vegetables. There is something extremely gorgeous about gardening. From getting your hands dirty in rich soil, to watching a plant you care for develop into a lush green glorious giant. A garden also can be another outlet for creativity. I personally like to weed while listening to the Pixies- it is oddly fulfilling.

Have I gotten you rilled up yet? I hope so!

For us here in the US September is a good time to start your winter garden. Sunset magazine has several ideas to start you off on the right foot. Now is a great time to buy perennials since garden stores often discount their inventories before winter. Most garden centers also mark down those lovely glazed pots about this time of year- usually 20-30%. Not bad when most of the nice large pots cost over a Benjamin.

Now go garden!


Blossoms Girl said...

Hi, what a nice blog you have! Thanks for blogging my photograph!!!
Take Care,

farouche said...

Thanks Zee! Your photography is wonderful!

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