Sunday, January 31, 2010

And the winner is...

Congratulations to Reagan for winning our January giveaway! Please email the address where you would like your new giclees shipped to

With so many great entries this was a tough one! We are hoping to have a giveaway every month, so those who didn't win there will be many more chances in the future! I had to share Reagan's entry, it made my toes curl with glee and a similar cake is currently residing in our fridge... but not for long.

"Chocolate cherry cake. Moist, with extra fudge frosting. Creamy vanilla ice cream. White and blue ceramic bowls. Cold spoons. Just the two of us. Me in dad’s pink La-Z-Boy, rocking. You on the couch, knees curled up, feet to the side. Red Subway shirt and black pants. Clink, clink, clinking … spoons on the bowls. Mmmmmmmmms. Laughter. Chocolate covered teeth smiles.

One morning my senior year of high school I awoke to find my mom had made me chocolate cherry cake with ice cream for breakfast. It's my favorite memory, my favorite breakfast, and my favorite recipe to bake!"

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Great Flying Lucy

Meet Lucy, she is a pint size bundle of fur and personality. We have been watching her this last week for a friend. If you forget that your job is to pet her and throw the ball she'll sure let you know- her bark can be heard far and wide. Lucy loves to chew bones, take long walks in the park and has many, many sides to her character.

We call this the darling Lucy pose.

Here we have the silly Lucy.

And finally we have the charming Lucy. She may have forgotten to bring back the ball but she wins points for bringing you some flowers instead. Happy Friday everyone!

Monday, January 25, 2010

January Giveaway!

This is your chance to win a set of our Hey Good Lookin' and How 'bout Cookin' kitchen giclees! One lucky winner will be selected for telling us what is their favorite dish to make. It might not hurt to explain why it is your favorite, and make our mouths water! Don't be bashful about your cooking skills either, we enjoy homemade mac and cheese just as much as Ceviche, we're not bias. To enter please add your answer to the comments below. Contest ends Saturday January 30th. The winner will be announced January 31st so please make sure and check back to see if you have won!

Singing in the Rain

With all of the rain we have had here in California I need something to lift my spirits while splashing through the puddles. We truly need the rain but, it would be nice not to have so much all at the same time! Our fluffy white cat comes back looking like a chocolate mess any time I give up and let him go outside. For a link to all of the items please click on the images.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fly me to the moon...

I have had this song in my head all day while packaging orders. Maybe if I share it can get stuck in your head as well. I adore the version by Astrud Gilberto most. However this version, cut between her and Sinatra, isn't too shabby.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Featured Seller on Etsy

Well, I feel like this is the official how-do-ya-do. I have been keeping up this little blog for several months now and have avoided properly introducing myself. Our Farouche shop has the honor of being the featured seller on Etsy for the next few days. With much procrastination on my part Joe finally got me to take a picture for the event. The trouble is that I happen to be extremely shy. Anything that puts me in the center of attention can make me turn beet red in seconds. I may even hold the record for broadest change in skin tone in 60 seconds. I can imagine the carnival barker now, "Here she is folks! Come and see the amazing chameleon girl... pasty porcelain to fuchsia in a flash!" All kidding aside, my name is Christy, it is nice to finally meet you.

Ten things you may never need to know about me...
unless I become dreadfully famous and some silly person turns trivia about my life into a Jeopardy answer.

1. My eyes are hazel.

2. I adore the steamed pork buns you can get at the San Francisco Zoo.

3. My father's parents are farmers. I learned to drive on an Oliver tractor when I was nine.

4. When I was three I told my parents I had the "option" of being born in Japan but, I had decided to be born with them instead.

5. My favorite song is Sleepwalker.

6. I would like to learn to sail and travel around the world but, the logic side of my brain flashes, "Sharks, seasickness and a single boat can hold only so much chapstick."

7. My favorite Halloween costume growing up was being one half of a two-man-horse.

8. I often miss dancing with my Grandma. Nothing I have found can fill that spot without her here.

9. I enjoy guessing if something was created by a man or a woman by the end strokes left by their brush or pen.

10. I can make a mean hot chocolate.

Friday, January 15, 2010

She's a Meringue

Have you ever seen Four Weddings and a Funeral?
The part where Fiona corrects sweet Scarlett about thinking the bride looks lovely, "Scarlett your blind- she looks like a meringue!" I adore food, it makes me happy down to my toes. That said, I doubt I would ever aspire to look like a meringue... but if I did, I could think of many worse things to befall my wedding day.

In my early twenties I catered a beautiful outdoor wedding in the middle of nowhere. The ideal serene setting out in the country. Then it began to drizzle and eventually pour fat drops of rain on all of the guests and wedding party. There were almost no tents or overhangs and everyone ended up drenched. Some people fled to their cars with their jackets and pretty beaded handbags held up for cover.

In a state of shock and grief the bride stayed seated at the head table. All of her bridesmaids kindly kept their posts beside her. While making my rounds to collect dishes I eventually had to pass by the head table. I think everyone else was avoiding the task due to the conditions. I felt I had to say something to bride so I mustered up my best smile and said... "You're very fortunate. My grandmother always said it is the best luck if it rains on your wedding day. It means that you have made the heavens cry with joy." Okay, so my grandmother may not have ever said that. However, she did teach me to care for the feelings of others, so I figured a little white lie couldn't hurt. Thank god it made her smile. I noticed her maid of honor grasp her hand as I walked away with a stack of fine china and soggy leftovers.

Many of the guests politely excused themselves early and drove home. The mood sunk even lower until somebody convinced the DJ to begin playing music from the safety of one of the tents, despite the fear of electrocution. Little by little people began to dance in the rain, and why not they were already soaked right?! I don't think I have been at a wedding since were the guests laughed with such joy. They showed true love and a care for life in staying to celebrate with the bride and groom. I have decided, if I ever get married, that I only want to invite those who care for me enough to dance like happy fools in the rain... all others need not apply.

Mod in the Kitchen

If these only increase your appetite for mod goodies I suggest stopping by the Danish Collector's flickr gallery where you can gorge on endless eye candy!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Try not to smile...

For a link to these photos please click on the image.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Print and Pattern

These lovelies came out awhile ago but, I still adore looking at them. If you have yet to see the work of Anna Maria Horner I highly suggest taking a peek at her flickr photostream or picking up her wonderful book.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hey, Good Lookin'

Hey Good lookin'
Whatcha got cookin'?

How 'bout cookin'
Somethin' up with me?

There have been so many great versions of this classic country song from Hank Williams to Tennessee Ernie Ford. We had to make a set of giclees for the kitchen to honor it. These flirty prints come complete with an adorable cook, who is a hot dish herself, in kitten heels and her best apron. Printed in retro tones of aqua, yellow and dove gray. Stop by Farouche for more closeups.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Traveling Kind

In the mood for a little traveling? Click on the images above to start your journey.


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