Tuesday, August 11, 2009

state fair of yesteryear

The great annual, end to summer celebration of the local fair.
There was a time when your neighbors would enter their best baked goods in hopes of winning the first place ribbon to gloat about all year. Someone green with envy would eventually gossip about how Mrs. Jensen's peach pie always wins,
"I heard she adds a little rum to soften the judges," gasp!

Popcorn and fried food wafting through the air. The sweet bliss of having cotton candy in one hand and a corn dog slathered with mustard in the other. Sadly, for most of us it has lost it's luster since childhood. I remember when the wildest thing at the fair was the carny with a naked lady tattoo under his arm. If he reached up for a prize you could get a free lesson in female anatomy.

Now you have to wonder if some of the staff members are sober enough to operate the machinery... "I apologize sir, I realize you smoked something earlier but, I didn't really want to ride the merry-go-round for forty five minutes. If it isn't too much trouble could you please let me down now?"


cabin + cub said...

Great picks... love the summer fairs. I remember going on all the rides over and over, and now that I am not a teenager anymore I am getting more scared of them... perhaps because the rides always seem to be run by teenagers or a sketchy carni guy..haha.
Now I am craving mini donuts, thinking about all these fairs.

samantha hahn said...

so fun!

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