Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Art vs. Craft

We are big fans of the Little Friends of Printmaking. This husband and wife team from Milwaukee sure know how to pack a visual punch with a big dose of whimsy. They effortlessly manage to turn a vintage aesthetic into something fresh every time. This is why I wanted to share their poster for the Art vs. Craft Fair in Milwaukee with you.

Years ago, while in a fine arts and craft school, I over heard Mr. Fine Art argue that Mr. Craft does not belong any where near him. "Craft is not Art and should never be mistaken for it!" he said.

Upon hearing this Mr. Craft responded, "How dare you! Craft is just as worthy as Art!" (Mr. Craft thinks Mr. Art can get too full of himself. Maybe if he just wasn't so uptight he might not be so moody all the time.)

Thus the art vs. craft argument was born. The actual event may have been a little different but, you get the idea. Arguments aside, I hope we have finally come to a day where all of the creative people of the world can play happily together, free from the stigma of art vs. craft.

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