Monday, August 10, 2009

elegance without color

If you peek at our shop, house or even my wardrobe, it is not hard to realize that I adore color. No, that doesn't mean I like wearing a rainbow of loud colors all at the same time- I was born in the eighties and once was enough thank you. Years ago, I realized that there is not a single color, shade or hue, that I dislike. There is the only the chance that a color gets wrongly used that gives some of them a bad rap. For example, pea green color in nature can be lovely. However, 1970's pea green on your bedroom walls...
not so nice and it may just remind you of the Exorcist.

Even with my fondness for color I think a black, white and gray palette can be elegant and refreshing. Maybe it stems from old photos or classic black and white films, I am not sure. That being said here are a few great examples.


amanda said...

oh my goodness i cant believe you just said that about pea green and the exorcist. ive never seen it but just the other day i threw out a pair of cute but REEEALLY raggedy flats with a pretty flower, all in the color pea green. and my boyfriend said to me "finally im so glad your throwing those out. it reminds me of the exorcist." wow. coincidence or what that you posted this today. hope it didnt look that bad on my shoes!!! :)

cabin + cub said...

oooh.. what lovely pics. black and white will always be classic. (i am loving that coat in your list).
pea green appliances to me are also a bad thin.. not a colour you want to se while cooking. ;)

farouche said...

I am loving that coat as well! I have yet to find one that looks good on me... someday.

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