Thursday, February 4, 2010

Frank Leyendecker

"The Flapper" may be one of the most stunning magazine covers of the 1920's. With her jeweled body and headpiece, stunning wings and delicate dress she looks as see is about to flutter off the page. Over the last ninety years, she has made her way onto postcards, journal covers, posters and more. I have heard the illustration was even used on the set of Three's Company... how's that for holding up in pop culture.

Painted by Frank X Leyendecker in 1922 for Life magazine. He's pieces are vibrant, imaginative and flamboyant. To see more of his lovely pieces stop by the American Art Archives.

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O de FLANEURETTE said...

nice...somehow coming to know him after a wild goose LAUTREC-LANDRU chase...weird how this netflinger happy

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