Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hitting on all cylinders...

There probably are not be too many other people who would adore these images as much as me. Volkswagens, retro colors and gorgeous vintage type- swoon! You see, I drive a loud, slow moving, and yet perfectly wonderful, Volkswagen bus. I know that the first thing most people think of is stinky incense or that I must not have a home. Don't worry neither of those apply here.
My "people mover" used to belong to my Grandfather. He was not a flower child but, simply admired functional things that were built to last. I remember once going grocery shopping with him when I was little. A young man helping us take out our groceries was surprised by the bus. He actually asked if Grampa was a hippy in the sixties. I will never forget his response, "Hippy!? HIPPY? No, too much hair them hippies. It's just a good ol' car."

Driving a bus has many unexpected side effects. Most of them are rather pleasant. Like friendly waves from other bus drivers, or being told nostalgic stories from passers by. However, there are other side effects from the bus. Some of them I am sure you can guess. But one occurrence truly surprised me. I never would have thought that I would get hit on as often as I am now. Over the years it has become rather comical. I am starting to think that certain men see me in the bus and assume that I must be low maintenance, ready for a good time and that I come complete with a car you can lay down in. Yikes!

Side effects included, no matter how embarrassing, I still love my Volkswagen. Like many other vintage car owners, mine has seen better days. Especially living here on the coast with all of the salt in the air. I am sure that it is just a matter of time until I will win the lotto. Then I can fix her up as lovely as those pictured above. Please click on the images for a link to where they came from.


Thirty-Six Ten said...

I love these. I want one and my husband (who still can't understand my wanting a vespa, too) looks at me like i'm crazy!

My parent's had one of these when I was very small and I remember them carrying my sisters and me out of the car when we went to the beach because it had a metal floor and was hot! No seatbelts, open windows, beach trips. These are wonderful memories!

Cerise said...

I love them. I always tell my hubby that if we end up with a bus load of kids I want a vintage VW bus.

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