Monday, January 10, 2011


Working with your hands on a regular bases can be rather joyful... except when you need to cut and fold a couple hundred handmade cards on a cold winter morning and the heater has decided not to work despite many pleas. That is where these lovelys come in. I have grown very fond of fingerless gloves and it seems there are ever more talented people making them these days. So many colors and styles are available. I happen to be the proud owner of the aqua blue pair shown above. They were made by uloni and even arrived in custom made wrapping paper that was personalized just for my order.
Talk about attention to detail! For a link to items shown please click on the images. Have a great week everyone!


Pamela said...

So pretty!! I am about ready for a new pair myself. Thanks for finding such great handmade gloves... I think I will go shopping!

Robin said...

Very cool!

twoknit said...

Thank you for including our gloves.
Martha and Eve

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