Friday, July 1, 2011


Ah, the exciting, hectic and ultimately exhausting marathon of the summer road trip.

When I was younger it was a two week trip to the lake. My father would reprove his skill at packing the car so everything from suitcases to a life-size inflatable crocodile would not only fit, it would not budge while he was driving. He could have taught a master class on the subject. Still, no amount of good packing can stop potty breaks, a car sick seven year old, kids fighting in the back seat or the smell of cousin Geoffry's foot odor wafting through the air. With the fourth of July weekend at our doorstep I wish you safe travels where ever you go and great memories for years to come. Have a great weekend everyone!


Taunie said...

Oh, this brought back so many memories. I adore Norman Rockwell, thanks for sharing such a great image!

Jenny said...

Love this!

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