Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Joe!

Yesterday we had an all day BBQ to celebrate Joe's birthday. As usual it was a non-stop feast that went on into the night. I woke up this morning still full. I can't remember ever eating so many types of meat and fish in a single day. To prove it here is the list...
First coarse was clams with chorizo and roasted garlic crostinis with basil, Parmesan and tomato. Second coarse of sweet shrimp with chili and lime, watermelon and cucumber salsa with Serrano chilies. The third coarse was scallops wrapped in bacon. Then on to a fourth coarse of antelope and elk with rosemary. Next it was halibut with a caper aioli and somewhere in between there was roasted potatoes and baby artichokes.

I feel so full... I may not eat again until Wednesday.

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