Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Wonderful World of Doctor Dolittle

clockwise starting from the top left: Sweetshorn, Berkley Illustration,
Prospero's Bookshelf, A Alicia Accessories

Recently I revisited the 1967 version of Doctor Dolittle. I have not seen it since I was in elementary and was surprised how much I still love it. It is such a classic children's movie. However, this time I did cheat and fast forward through most of the singing.

This movie has everything from a circus to the giant pink sea snail and a traveling island. I could see it being next on Tim Burton's list of classic films to update.

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Prospero said...

What a happy surprise to see our vintage program here in your fabulous blog! Thanks so much!
Mollie & Joe
(aka "Prospero")
P.S. We fast forward through a lot of singing in movies too -- thought we were the only ones who did that! :)

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