Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Candy is dandy but, liquor is quicker.

How about a self propelled skating coaster, complete with a festive flag proclaiming "CHEERS!" Guaranteed not to spill your libation as it caddies your glass.

In the market for a happy-fun-time traveling bar? Well, look no further than Miss Molly's. This portable bar is ready for two bottles of your favorite spirit so you can feel like you are part of Mad Men no matter what office you work in.

Ah, yes then there is the shot, I mean shot glass, from Of Mine Design. Belly yourself up to the bar old west style and die another day.

Last, and certainly not least there are the re purposed decanter necklaces from Dust Design Co.

If you are a party girl, they can help inform those flirty fellas at the bar as to which route to take when ordering you a drink. He will ponder, "Ah, yes I can see she is a bourbon girl, well aged and smoldering with a hint of sophistication. But, then again there is the vodka girl. She is always ready for a good time. I must admit I like them shaken and not stirred!"

I truly have no idea what shaken not stirred is supposed to be a euphemism
for but, I will trust Bond.


Unknown said...

Thanks for featuring my skating coaster. Isn't it a hoot?! I love your liquor-inspired finds - especially those decanter necklaces! Thanks so much for sharing!!

farouche said...

Krissy, Your skating coaster is a riot! Where did you find such a gem?!

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