Friday, November 6, 2009

Que Jimenez

"My hands live to I create."

These are the words of Kiandra Jimenez, the artist responsible for all of the handmade beauties at Que Jimenez. I adore her handbags- especially the ones made with sentiments and quotes hidden on them. They are like a little uplifting reminder you carry with you throughout your day. Her pieces are reminiscent of the style my mother had in the 60's, yet designed in a rather fresh and updated way. There are no flower children here- just good style.


Anonymous said...

i am in love.

Janean said...

they are lovely. i like the structured simplicity.

abby jenkins said...

those are amazing! What pieces of art!

farouche said...

Thanks for all of the comments everybody. It is nice to know when we pick something others enjoy as well.


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