Thursday, November 19, 2009

Game On!

Years ago, before we had a washer and dryer, Joe and I would spend several hours a week at the laundromat. This started the tournament of the century. We began playing rummy to a million. Yes, a million. We figured it would give us something to do while our whites got whiter. The loser has to take the victor on a proper vacation. The idea was that it would take a while to reach a million points, giving the loser plenty of time to save some funds.

Since we no longer need to visit the laundromat we don't play as often. Recently with the colder evenings and a tight budget game night has returned. Now we include more games into the mix. I am sure glad we did- I was down 45,000 points. Now that we are including Dominoes and Scrabble I feel I'm making a come back. So if lucky will be a lady I may just get taken to Tahiti... in a couple more years.


found paper co. said...

Big fan of board games myself! My boyfriend could play Monopoly every night, but I'm a Clue girl myself. Thanks for including my vintage games in this post! Lovely blog.

farouche said...

Your shop is lovely! I must stop by more often.

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