Friday, December 4, 2009

Gift Guide: Outdoorsy Beer Aficionados

For the man who has everything... personalized leather beer cozies for back at the campground.

Guaranteed to make Mr. Ranger jealous.

How about a leather bound book of the national park maps of America. They may still get lost but, this time it will be in style.

The perfect pocket knife for whittling by the fire, sharing an apple with a friend, or in case you find yourself in a knife fight with a squirrel. I know you may think that sort of thing could never happen. Next time you pickup an acorn it could be in the wrong part of the woods and it all goes down hill from there.

Beer soap- sure anyone can drink the beer but, why not smell like it head to toe. The best part is that it's quick to cover up the, "I don't need to shower- I'm camping!" smell that knocks you in the face when he returns from a week in the wilderness.

I like beer, therefore fish like beer.

Perfect for the outdoor drinker already carrying his trophy fish and tackle back to camp yet does not want to be without a libation.

For links to all of these items please click on the images.


cabin + cub said...

Oh these are all great ideas! I think my hubby would love that beer holster for camping... how cool is that!


farouche said...

I know, isn't it awesome!

Tom said...

I want it all! Beer me!

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