Friday, December 11, 2009

Gift Guide: Yeti and Abominable Snowmen

Lets not forget our Yeti friends this holiday season. We have compiled some great ideas to ease your shopping dilemma.

A cashmere covered hot water bottle would be both luxurious and functional for those long cold Himalayan nights.

It is becoming easier these days to find Yeti appropriate clothing thanks to the Large Legendary Mammal Awareness Act. You can show your support by purchasing a t-shirt.

There are also some wonderful artists open to doing Abominable Snowmen family portraits such as Berkley Illustration. They are willing to take on these special clients despite the fear of being eaten and we salute them. They also have a large range of other animal portraits available in their shop.

We have found that well stocked stores are not always near the areas our friends live. A large supply of quality floss and toothpaste can be a thoughtful gift. Imagine having a piece of a some villager's bone stuck between your teeth for three months. Then you would be wishing someone had been thoughtful enough to send you dental floss for Christmas, huh.

A Yeti can never have too large of an ice chest. Sure there is snow all around the house but, who wants to chance keeping your cold ones anywhere near yellow show? These ice chest are also practically bear proof which is an added bonus.

A fashionable white fur cap can be a wonderful gift if your friend is beginning to show signs of balding. There are many caps on the market these days to help hide the embarrassment of premature balding in Abominable Snowmen.

Our last gift idea is one we think is best for Abominable Snowmen and Yeti of all ages. With an over abundance of ice near their homes what better gift than a snow cone machine? Guaranteed to delight with hours of family fun. Happy Holidays everyone!

For links to all gift items please click on the images.


Fiona Cartolina said...

I gotta get one of those hats!
Very fun post!

Millie Motts said...

Thanks for the giggles - what a wity post!

Tom said...

Ha! Great post!

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