Monday, January 18, 2010

Featured Seller on Etsy

Well, I feel like this is the official how-do-ya-do. I have been keeping up this little blog for several months now and have avoided properly introducing myself. Our Farouche shop has the honor of being the featured seller on Etsy for the next few days. With much procrastination on my part Joe finally got me to take a picture for the event. The trouble is that I happen to be extremely shy. Anything that puts me in the center of attention can make me turn beet red in seconds. I may even hold the record for broadest change in skin tone in 60 seconds. I can imagine the carnival barker now, "Here she is folks! Come and see the amazing chameleon girl... pasty porcelain to fuchsia in a flash!" All kidding aside, my name is Christy, it is nice to finally meet you.

Ten things you may never need to know about me...
unless I become dreadfully famous and some silly person turns trivia about my life into a Jeopardy answer.

1. My eyes are hazel.

2. I adore the steamed pork buns you can get at the San Francisco Zoo.

3. My father's parents are farmers. I learned to drive on an Oliver tractor when I was nine.

4. When I was three I told my parents I had the "option" of being born in Japan but, I had decided to be born with them instead.

5. My favorite song is Sleepwalker.

6. I would like to learn to sail and travel around the world but, the logic side of my brain flashes, "Sharks, seasickness and a single boat can hold only so much chapstick."

7. My favorite Halloween costume growing up was being one half of a two-man-horse.

8. I often miss dancing with my Grandma. Nothing I have found can fill that spot without her here.

9. I enjoy guessing if something was created by a man or a woman by the end strokes left by their brush or pen.

10. I can make a mean hot chocolate.


BriskKnits said...

Congrats on making it into the featured sellers club :-) Your shop is totally cute--don't be shy about it!

elsa said...

I saw your Sugar and Spice tags on etsy today and instantly clicked over to your shop! I love your style and the giclee prints are divine.

Ebony said...

You shop is the cutest! Thank goodness Etsy featured you - I'm so glad I found you & your blog :)

Nice to meet you, I'm Ebony.

Lani Robertson said...

congrats on being etsy's featured seller...i have LONG adored you shop! :) your blog is so wonderful too...i am going to add it to my blogs list of favs!

lani :)

farouche said...

Thank you all for such sweet comments!


Emily said...

I just saw your interview on etsy and enjoyed reading it. Thanks for the tips you shared :-)...I will be dropping by your blog in the future!

LBB said...

Hi there~
Just came over from your lovely featured seller interview on Etsy. Congrats! It was a great interview and your shop is so sweet. :)

Liz said...

Dancing with grandma... that brought tears to my eyes... what a lucky girl you are!

thea said...

Well, truly lovely to digi-meet you :)
Happy days :)


JooJoo said...

Congratulations! I really love your work! And your photos are so colorful and beautiful :)

It was a pleasure to read more about you! #4 is so cute! Did you know that actually choose our living environemnt before we come to this world? I'm sute what you said to your parents was really true :)

I'm sure now you are so busy packaging! ;)

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