Friday, January 29, 2010

The Great Flying Lucy

Meet Lucy, she is a pint size bundle of fur and personality. We have been watching her this last week for a friend. If you forget that your job is to pet her and throw the ball she'll sure let you know- her bark can be heard far and wide. Lucy loves to chew bones, take long walks in the park and has many, many sides to her character.

We call this the darling Lucy pose.

Here we have the silly Lucy.

And finally we have the charming Lucy. She may have forgotten to bring back the ball but she wins points for bringing you some flowers instead. Happy Friday everyone!


Cara Sheppard said...

Soooo cute! Lucy can come stay with me any time (although my three cats may not be thrilled!).

Maureen said...

What a sweetheart. I am smitten!

Reagan said...


Thirty-Six Ten said...

oh my word she is adorable! That tongue picture makes me laugh!

Olive Mac said...

super, super cute!

Trudi said...

I just had to comment! She is darling. I have two Maltese boys. They are seven, how old is Lucy? I have a new baby Schnauzer that I"m trying to get though each long puppy month with right now. LOL.

farouche said...

Hello Trudi,

I think Lucy is about a year old. She is still a ball of goofiness just like puppy. Congrats on your new baby Schnauzer. I am longing for a dog of my own!


merium said...

wow~talk about cuteness overload! she is adorable!

Ebony said...

What an amazing pup! Those are THE cutest photos. Lucky owner :)

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