Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Yesterday I planted our very first winter vegetable garden. Every fall I absolutely remember to plant as many spring bulbs as I can squeeze into our little yard. Watching them bloom during the gloomy months of early spring makes me oh, so happy! But, somehow I always seem to forget about the cold weather vegetables that begin their season right about now. After the tomatoes, cucumbers, and other summer vegetables are done for the year there is a whole new season of splendid produce to grow.

This year I finally did it! We planted four different types of leaf lettuce, romaine, cabbage, bok choy, and the most lovely beets I have ever seen- their leaves are a beautiful rich magenta color. So, with dirt under my nails and anticipation for my first home grown salad, I declare you are here by warned snails, stay away!

The charming cold pressed soaps shown above are from Prunella Soap's in Portland. Stop by the next time you need a good lather!

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