Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Love


Truthfully, I have thought about having lovely pink locks for nearly a decade now. There is just something about petal pink hair that I find rather delightful. Eventually, my thought process always leads back to the same two conclusions. First, I am rather shy and usually avoid drawing attention to myself... and any crayola hair color would most certainly accomplish this. Which is the direct cause of my second predicament. I blush easily. Not only do I turn all rosy when I am embarrassed but, more and more often it happens when I get any form of attention. I mean any attention. It is getting worse, not better, the older I get. So unless I want to look like I stuck my entire head in a bucket of Easter Egg dye, or figure out a way to stop going flush in a flash, I will have to be content with admiring the lovely pink coifs of others.
Ho, hum.

Have you ever had a little wish, that for whatever reason, you avoided?


Anonymous said...

Wow! Love that image!

Hum, I guess I would have to say that I always wanted to be one of those sexy night club singers in the 1930's. I guess I was born in the wrong decade.


Sarah said...


Maxine said...

I have always wanted to skydive... too afraid to though.

Jenna W said...

Hi there. I'm not sure how you feel about wigs, but there are some neat pink ones on Etsy. I love the idea of having my hair colorful for a Renaissance fair or something, but wigs kind of freak me out and I've never had a desire to dye my hair.

Anyway, here are some cute wigs I found. Some might be too bright or the wrong hue, but I'm guessing you could do a custom order.

farouche said...

Thanks for the ideas Jenna. You are too sweet!
I am off to check them out!


seesaw designs said...

awe. so pretty.

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