Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Brunch with the Jetsons

Who hasn't wanted to live like the Jetsons, even for a little while? With the mid-century modern posh of these babies I could pretend I was Jane. Push a button and out pops a six coarse brunch, complete with mimosas and fresh squeezed orange juice. Push another button and more seating converts out of no where to accommodate extra guests. Ah, what a life!


Unknown said...

love everything here--breakfast, brunch or dinner!!--would love to know what shops you found them in. thanks for featuring my coffee decanter-- kathi (

farouche said...

In answer to Kathi's question...
Click on the picture- it has a link to the shop.

Lushpad said...

Love the water jug and matching glasses. I have a set similar to this that my grandmother gave me. They're so delicate that I can't use them - they just sit in the china cabinet. :)

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