Monday, June 29, 2009

Sand and Suntan Lotion

We are lucky that we live within walking distance of the beach. I must admit over time it is easy to take for granted. Today's post was inspired by all of the day trippers I saw this weekend. Cute couples and families dressed in bright summer clothing. Parents wanting to give their children happy summer memories.

I get a kick out of how some people prepare for a day at the beach. There are the under prepared ones who forget sunblock and a sweater. Then there are the over prepared who are ready for anything that comes their way. I am sure you have either seen the type or are related to one. The families that come equipped with 2 ice chests, umbrellas, radio, sandcastle tools, 3 types of sunblock, inflatable toys and more chairs than people. Often the father of these families seems all to used to the drill and somehow carries the lot like a pack horse.

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Tandie said...

Lovely!!! Thanks for including my photo in your awesome blog :) I am now a follower :)


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