Thursday, June 25, 2009

Numerical Order

These adding machines make me feel like wearing a pencil skirt, cardigan and pumps all while trying to find an Automat to eat lunch at. Oh, and of coarse I would have a smart little jacket on with a satin lining in some wild color that perfectly matched the skirt. Ah, to be an office girl in the late 50's. Have you ever noticed how neat office supplies used to look? The best manufactures have done lately is make the red stapler and that glory is owed to the movie Office Space.

There are a dozen bad puns about numbers in my head but, I will save you the pain. Instead I will leave you with a bad number joke I remember from elementary...
'Why was six afraid of seven? Because seven ate/eight nine!'


Hello Lindello said...

Thanks for including hello victory! Love your blog and shop :)

Vintage said...

I loved the text and photos! I have a that red stapler!

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