Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chasing the Sun

"Last summer I spent 2 weeks rock climbing and exploring Corsica, France, with two good friends of mine from Switzerland. The rock there is famous and incredibly fun to climb. It is the most beautiful granite I have ever seen and has the most stunning colors ranging from white to orange to a brilliant red. Corsica has a long and proud history and hosts so many wondrous sights and wild animals from wild boars to fleet foxes, though it's people are a bit gruff. I adore Corsica and look forward to visiting again someday. " -Glenn

This photo is a sunset taken on the south west coast near the town of Tizzano. It was shot handheld at ISO 200, f 7.1, 1/80sec

For more than a while now I have been trying to get a good friend of mine, Glenn Douglass, to share his stunning photography here on this little ol' blog. By now you have probably noticed that round here we are big on eye candy, so his work should fit in nicely. Glenn has been hiking and climbing every mountain he has come across for the past several years. Along the way he has captured spectacular photos from California to New Zealand. So if you like what you see, please let us know with a comment below, and together we can welcome him to his new weekly column, posted every Tuesday, called Chasing the Sun.

To properly introduce Glenn, I have asked him to share ten random things that make him, well... him.

1. I drank my first cup of coffee at the age of thirty.

2. If I have to choose between going to a mountain or a museum, I usually choose the mountain.

3. I don't like pickles.

4. My favorite time of day is sunset, when the sky turns orange and the weight
of things to be done has subsided.

5. I have a degree in Business I don't use.

6. When in Rome my tradition is to take a bottle of my favorite prosecco to the steps of
the Trevi fountain and drink it with as many friends as I can find.

7. Some of my favorite memories as a child were working in the yard with my Dad.

8. My favorite Beatles song is Let It Be

9. My favorite movie is Dead Man by Jim Jarmusch

10. I speak a little bit of Italian, French and Spanish and constantly confuse them all.


JoAnne Miller said...

Wow, really beautiful shot! Where is this from, the California coast?

Tom Jorgeson said...

Love your work Glenn, I will definitely have to check back and see more again.

Francen Gustvsen said...

Stunning indeed!

Rebecca the endless undergrad said...

Ha! I miss-mash all foreign languages together too!

Glenn Douglass said...

Thank you for your kind words, they are much appreciated. This photo was taken on the west coast of Corsica, the island state which is part of France.

dre said...

yay corsica! yay glenn! yay christy! yay this awesome blog!

esther said...

Nice Glenn. Keep exploring!

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