Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Specimens of Wood Type

This is for any letterpress wood type junkies out there.

From the pages of an old wood type catalog. I can't help but laugh that the company chose words like fruit, ice and blanket to show off the lettering in the catalog and then paired them along side words like drunk, sined (sinned?), mob, and raiders. Perhaps there happen to be a great deal of general stores at the time in need of advertisements to promote pitchforks and stones to angry mobs, or "buy one get one" sales so drunks knew they could purchase a blanket to pass out with after consuming their bottle of whiskey. You never know, a print shop could make an ad for just about anything.


Mike Rawarn said...

This is pretty funny! I wonder why they chose those words... hmm?

Valhalla said...

I love old wood type- especially the large stuff! Yeah baby!

trashsparkle said...

love these!

farouche said...

So glad to know you share my soft spot for letterpress!

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